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Author: Larry Hoskins

Pastor Larry
Pastor Larry Hoskins, Th.M.
Senior Pastor

Pastor Larry's Blog

Five ways to describe him:

Committed to Christ

Lover of God's Word

Gifted communicator

Passionate about his family

Believes the local church is the best hope for a hurting world

 What he's really good at:

A unique speaking style that combines personal vulnerability, quick wit, and provocative insight.  They all make for an intriguing environment for people from all walks of life to consider the next step in their faith journey wherever they may be.

Another interest he has:

Meets regularly with many pastors from the Denver Metroplex for mutual inspiration and equipping where they share with one another what they have learned about ministry, so together they can do an even better job of bringing the hope of Jesus to hurting and searching communities.

His education:

Larry graduated from Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois with a B.A. in Christian Education, and from Dallas Theological Seminary, in Dallas, Texas with a Th.M. in Bible Exposition.

Other lessons learned in the classroom called life:
  • Love God

  • Love others

  • We really do need each other to walk through this life

  • Learning is a life-long passion

  • The rest is gravy

What he cherishes:

His wife, Janet, and their five children.

Purposing to Live Rightly in a Sin-Impacted World

How then shall we live in a world full of evil and chaos?

Trustworthy or Not?

Rules mean something, and when expectations have been clearly stated, I need to be considerate of those who have the authority to impose them and follow them when possible, and if I cannot, I need to be mindful of the consequences for those impacted and for myself. When I kept those lessons in mind and made good choices, I got in less trouble and experienced a wonderful freedom rather than consequences.

A Climate of Safety

If you were struggling with a particular sin, would you feel free to admit it, or would you be inclined to pretend that everything was okay?

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