In this digital age full of electronic contact and constant activity, families are often so busy that they fail to connect . . . with each other. 


Family has always been important to Grace Church Aurora, and we are pleased to recommend a very special "get away" for the family to rediscover and reconnect with each other and to help you refresh your heart for the Lord:  Horn Creek, a Christian camp in the Rockies, a little over three hours away in Westcliffe, Colorado.  Usually, once a family attends, they are hooked, and it is not uncommon for them to return for 30 years or more.  Sometimes families have returned for as many as four generations.  We're not kidding when we say, "Horn Creek is a great place to connect!"  Family Camps are offered during the Summer, over Thanksgiving, and in the Winter.


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Nestled in the beautiful Sangre de Christo mountains, Horn Creek provides three delicious, freshly-cooked sit-down meals every day, served by a staff whose first priority, on a human level, is you and your family.  They offer a non-intrusive schedule that includes a brief devotional after breakfast and at the end of the day, a family gathering time after dinner for a recap of all the family campers' day, coupled with worship and a message by a speaker that understands the importance of family and who is there to minister to you.  Frequently, the staff offers some great family activities that bring the whole camp together.  The rest of the day is yours to do what you would like . . . and there's plenty to do, or not, as you prefer. If you want to get away for a more extended day trip, they'll even make you a sack lunch.


On site, Horn Creek offers a rec center with basketball courts and volleyball, a rock climbing wall, racquetball courts, swimming  and water slide (during the summer), hot tubs, an alpine swing, high ropes course, frisbee golf, bowling, and horseback riding.  During the winter, Horn Creek has its own tubing hill.  If you would also like to do something along the lines of service to the Lord at the camp, they can provide you opportunities to minister in this way.  Check out their volunteer ministry on the Horn Creek web site.


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Just off site within walking distance is the exceptionally delightful Rainbow trail, and during the summer, the staff lead eager campers up the majestic Horn Peak, piercing the sky at roughly 13,500 feet.  Beautiful streams run down the mountain and the trail goes through a pine forest filled with incredible alpine flowers at the right time of the year.  You might even get a chance to see deer and other wildlife along the way. 


If you'd like to get a little further away, river rafting, lake and stream fishing, several ski areas, Bishop's Castle, and some old cemeteries and ghost towns are within a short drive. For a longer drive, visit Focus on the Family, the Royal Gorge, the Garden of the Gods, and the Air Force Academy.


Additionally, Horn Creek provides training and staffing opportunities for select high school, college, and post-college aged young people.  Talk with them about their year- long Internship Program and Summer Staffing.


You'll never regret your Horn Creek experience!  Reservations are limited, so sign up quickly.  You'll be so glad you did!  For more information, call (719) 783-2205 or e-mail: